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F1, Close Up


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F1, Close Up
This is our F1 video "F1, Close Up". We tried using our close up cam to get you the details in the paddocks and technical closeups of the Formula cars... but failed horribly! This has happened before, those that know Pcmtl from the oldschool photo days will remember how we really suck at getting close to cars... people always get in the way and ruin the shot. At least enjoy the part where the bus almost runs over Jacques Villeneuve. And really, no animals were harmed in the making of this film.

Today's the big day, bring plenty of water and sunscreen. Don't forget to go to Crescent after if you still have money leftover for beers! I believe today is Porsche day in downtown.

Alonso storms to Canadian GP victory
The Cahier ArchiveWorld Champion Fernando Alonso won the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, winning his sixth race of the season for Renault. Michael Schumacher in his Ferrari in second and Kimi Raikkonen was third in his McLaren-Mercedes.

Fourth place went to Giancarlo Fisichella in the second Renault. Felipe Massa was fifth on a one-stop strategy in his Ferrari, Jarno Trulli was sixth in his Toyota, Nick Heidfeld in the Sauber-BMW was seventh and David Coulthard in his Honda was in the final points position.

At the start, Fisichella jumped the start, and hesitated, allowing Raikkonen to Raikkonen get past into the first corner. On the second lap Montoya and and Rosberg touched, talking out Rosberg on the stop while Montoya pitted to replace his front wing. meanwhile the two Midland's of Albers and Monteiro hit one another at the hairpin bringing out the safety car.

The race was restarted on the third lap with Alonso leading Raikkonen, Fisichella, Trulli, Schumacher, Button, Villeneuve and Massa.

On lap 7, Fisichella took a drive through penalty for jumping the start and came back out in fifth place.

On lap 12, Rubens Barrichello retired, followed by Montoya on lap 14 after touching the wall at the final chicane.

At lap 20, the order was Alonso leading Raikkonen, Trulli, Schumacher, Fisichella, Button, Massa, Villeneuve, Heidfeld and Klien in tenth.

On lap 23 Alonso was the first to stop in the pits, followed by Raikkonen with a slow stop on lap 24, Trulli and Fisichella on lap 25, Button on lap 27, Speed on lap 28.

On lap 28, Schumacher brushed the wall on the final corner, but continued, making his first stop on lap 32, followed by Villeneuve on lap 33, Heidfeld and Coulthard on lap 34 and finally Massa on lap 36 on a one stop strategy.

At lap 40 the order was Alonso leading, followed by Raikkonen, Schumacher, Fisichella, Trulli, Massa, Villeneuve, Heidfeld, Button and Klien in tenth.

On lap 48 Trulli was the first to make his second stop, followed by Alonso on lap 49, Raikkonen and Fisichella on lap 52, Heidfeld on lap 54, Villeneuve on lap 55 and Coulthard and Schumacher on lap 57.

At lap 58 the order was Alonso leading Raikkonen, followed by Schumacher, Fisichella, Massa, Trulli, Heidfeld, Villeneuve, Button and Klien in tenth.

On lap 59 Villeneuve run in the marbles and slid into the wall at the exit of turn 4, bringing out the safety car.

The race was restarted on lap 63.

On lap 68 David Coulthard passed Jenson Button for eighth, and Michael Schumacher passed Raikkonen in the hairpin for seconds place.


F1, Close Up


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