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About Us.

About PCMTL.
Non-profit and without products to sell, PCMTL.com is a student run journalism media crew. Our projects are quick paced to keep up with the demanding world of media.

Some of our goals include:

-providing correspondence and media coverage that is of Canadian content, specifically Montreal,
-encouraging students studying in journalism and communication studies to participate in our projects,
-encourage other video enthusiasts to do the same as us. We are not out to compete, we are out to share,
-just have fun!

PCMTL is about entertainment for the unboring mind. As more and more junk entertainment congests air time and television, more and more bored folks are turning to VoD (Video on Demand), embracing the vast wealth the internet holds, with more digital content than ever before, available to the fingertips on the mouse. Young kids and mature adults are constantly scouring the web, seeking temporary satisfaction from something entertaining and educating. The use of web sites, graphic animation, audio and video streams, puts the web as the foremost important medium for a front end representation. New content is easily promoted, and the results generates the demand for more.

PCMTL is no pilot project. In its sixth season running, our consistancy draws in more and more viewers with each airing. PCMTL is unique as we compete with ourselves to make each new show better than the previous. Our uniqueness into the extremes means little competiton, allowing us to grab individuals one by one, 10 minutes at a time.

PCMTL Communications and Media (*see below) is a digital content creator, spurred by the surge of VoD (Video on Demand), delivering enriched streamed media to the audience. Ourviewers grow with each new webcast, allowing us to deliver to more than 10,000+ regular viewers. Half our audience are local in the immediate area and vincinity, allowing effective promotional and advertising to a highly targeted niche, and the rest of our audience in the rest of the world, creating an international exposure. PCMTL Communications and Media is a 6-year leader in audio/video compression and streaming technologies, and an expert in broadband delivery mediums.

About PCMTL Communications and Media.
PCMTL Communications and Media is a comprehensive private broadcasting network (PBN) provider. PCMTL is strategicially positioned to deliver video-on-demand to a nationwide audience that are trendy, image conscious, and tech savvy. PCMTL represents everything that is young, hip, fun, attractive, unique, bold, energetic, all with an innovative risk. PCMTL empowers the creative use of the internet and its personal connected relationships in the real world.

Our audience are:
-aged 18-35
-Middle-Class to Higher Income
-Internet Tech Savvy

We enable your business to:
-Offer customers premium content-integrated voice, data and video- on-demand services-which they can control.
-Deploy video-on-demand in a centralized, hybrid or distributed architecture, depending on broadband network capacity.
-Leverage best-in-class components to help speed new services to market faster.
-Improve customer satisfaction by offering the latest services at competitive rates, and attract new subscribers with innovative product offerings.
-Change business processes in response to changing market requirements with minimal impact on underlying applications--or change applications without changing processes or other systems.