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2004-06-20 Napierville Dragway: CarFever Car Fever


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Video: 100%Girl, 100%Race
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100%Girl, 100%Race
100%Girl, 100%...2
100%Girl, 100%...3

Napierville Dragway: Car Fever
One day only, 500 Modified Car and over 10000 People expected, Car Fever will take place at the Napierville Dragway. The events show case during the day through the night. Like every year, all categories of competition will be open to any amateurs and pros…Show ‘N’ Shine, Audio SPL and Drag Racing. Watch out…tires are gonna burn and speakers are gonna crack! Bring your car and enjoy! This year, we bring you more to the Car Fever outbreak. In addition to all, the finest nightclubs of Montreal will be present with their girls and their DJs will be there to spin the hottest music. To make our fifth edition more exciting than ever, a Miss Car Fever and a bikini contest will be presented. We will surprise you with something incredibly sexy… Don’t forget to bring your camera! This is another multi-camera installment of a 100%Race video, pure drag racing action, giving a full experience with front row seats for those that have never experienced the sight and sound of a one-quarter mile ET run before.


2004-06-20 Napierville Dragway: CarFever Car Fever


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The Precision Acoustics Girls
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