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Coming off the success of Canada’s first-ever SCN National Tour, Team SCP takes back home-field advantage with Sport Compact Performance 4, to be held at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium the weekend of October 17-18-19. With top-notch vehicles from across Canada and the United States competing in the nation’s most prestigious Show ‘N’ Shine Competition, and feature cars from the pages of Quebec Tuning, PASMAG and Import Tuner. For those of you that think it’s just another car show, think again…. SCP4. 58000 people can’t be wrong.

PCMTL will be covering the SCP4 event as well, meanwhile watch our recent webcast of SCP3 as a preview of things to come! <more..>.

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Video: SCP4
The Best of SCP4
The Best of SCP4 (broadband)
More of SCP4
More of SCP4 (broadband)

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