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Stade Olympique: SCP7
TEAM//SCP, producers of the Sport Compact Performance Auto Salon is back in a big way for 2006! With North America's top show vehicles, the hottest models, Rocawear Stage Show and the biggest corporate names in the industry, the SCP event scheduled for October will create a new measure for car lovers across the board. On October 13/14/15, SCP is back with the ultimate sport compact event that is sure to blow your mind! Come and celebrate our 5th year anniversary of Sport Compact Performance this fall, a Montreal tradition for 6 years and counting. Featuring Vanessa Blouin Ms. Castrol 2007, Carolyn Savage, Dannie Riel, Misa Campo, Stephanie Ly, Maryse Ouelllet, Kim Loan, Michelle Zen, Helen Su, Cristina Mirra, Dj Shortcut, Accrophone, Studio A Dance, 8 Count Dance, MoShine, DonSmoove, Rich London, Baseline Studios, Northern Lights, Dj Baby Yu, Dj Info, Mindbender, Seraph, Team PCMTL Erna, Ghetto Butay, Felicia, Kayla.



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In Tune with the Canadian Tuning Market

For the past seven years, the Castrol SCP Auto Salon has risen to the occasion time and time again, delivering an all inclusive arena for top show car competitors to compete and top name manufacturers to showcase their wares. Scheduled for October 13th, 14th and 15th at the Olympic Stadium of Montreal, this year’s event promises to adapt once again to the fast changing landscape of the car customization market, and deliver an extravaganza unequalled by any other. It is SCP’s mission to provide the ultimate platform for enthusiasts, media and manufacturers alike to celebrate this shared passion for car customization.

“It is both an honor and a great responsibility being ranked the #1 car show in Canada.” States Ben Woo, National Director, Castrol SCP Auto Salon. “Manufacturers look to SCP for being the ultimate platform to launch new products and consumers react accordingly by waiting for this event to unveil the latest trends and technology in performance, mobile electronics and esthetics.”

As the only National Custom Car Association (NCCA) sanctioned event in Canada, this year’s edition has been granted the ultra-exclusive “Quad Point” status. The Castrol SCP Auto Salon is the only event in North America that has been given this opportunity, as the NCCA regards SCP as the premier destination for top car competitors from across the continent.

Another unique feature of the Castrol SCP Auto Salon is the “Future Shop Installer Challenge”. Now entering its 3rd year, this contest of man vs. man vs. machine is the only such competition of its kind in Canada. Witness two teams of four installers create a custom audio/video system into two brand new Toyota vehicles. Racing against the clock, this is a true showcase of what custom audio installation is all about. The “Future Shop Installer Challenge” gives spectators a realistic glimpse into the world of mobile electronics, and the work involved in doing it right.

Perhaps the most important feature of the event this year will be the unveiling of the “Top Tuner Solstice” presented by Castrol. The best tuners in Canada were gathered together to work on one project that would change history forever. In production since February of 2006, this highly anticipated show car is set to be revealed at noon in the Castrol booth. Without a question, this project represents the whole of the Canadian tuner market embodied into a single super-vehicle.

These and many more attractions await car fanatics at this year’s Castrol SCP Auto Salon. With a notable average attendance of over 55,000 spectators, SCP attracts more corporate vendor booths than any other automotive event in Canada. The passion for modified cars in full bloom this October in Montreal and the Castrol SCP Auto Salon will be there to nurture it.

For more information, receive media passes or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Ben Woo
National Director
Castrol SCP Auto Salon
Tel: 514.525.8818
Fax: 514.598.8601


Ms. Castrol 2006
Vanessa Blouin
Introducing Ms. Castrol 2007, Quebec’s own, Vanessa Blouin! Vanessa is reigning champion of the Miss Hawaiian Trpoic Canadian Bikini Contest and has been in the tuning scene for quite some time. She’s been on the cover of Quebec Tuning and has been seen modeling for the Castrol DMCC series. Come meet her in person at the Castrol booth and get a personalized signed autograph!

Carolyn Savage
Carolyn Savage is one of the most recognized faces in the Canadian sport compact scene. As the former Ms.Castrol in 2006, Carolyn has traveled the country with the SCN Tour and more recently has been featured on the cover of the latest PASMAG.
"Get an autograph from Carolyn at the JRP booth!"

Dannie Riel
This sweetheart was discovered by Team SCP while touring Canada in the city of Winnipeg. Half French –canadian, half Chinese, Dannie is a perfect example of how hometown girls can make it big in the sport compact scene. In her first ever Montreal appearance, this cutie can be found in the Rocawear booth side by side the lovely Misa Campo.

Misa Campo
A Montreal native, Misa made her big debut at last year’s SCP as Ms.Rocawear. Since then, her career has blossomed into an all out supermodel being recently featured in MAXIM magazine and having won the prestigious Ms.Hot Import Nights – NYC title this past summer. Look for her once again at this year’s Rocawear booth

Stephanie Ly
Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Stephanie exploded onto the scene as Ms.BFGoodrich in 2005. Since then, she has toured the continent, as well as Asia representing Prestigious Models group. Having also been featured on the cover of PASMAG earlier this year, Stephanie was the winner of last year’s nationwide model search contest!
Presented by LTD Custom Motorsports

Maryse Ouelllet
Don’t miss this WWE Diva search finalist and Playboy Playmate in person! From Terrebonne, Qc….Maryse Ouellet!

Kim Loan
Come meet this HIN Official Model and leader of Prestigious Models group for the first time ever in Montreal! Brought to you by LTD Motorsports.

Michelle Zen
LTD Custom Motorsports brings this hottie to Montreal for the first time ever! Come meet this American sweetheart up close and personal. This Prestige Model (PMgirls) isabsolutely the full package.

Helen Su
This HIN Diva makes here debut at SCP.Meet this bombshell and be the first to get an autograph from this Asian hottie from the NFL Lingerie Bowl!


Dj Shortcut
This Internationally renown Dj is back to host the Rocawear Stage like never before! Have a chance to win free giveaways all weekend long from Dj Short Cut!

Musuque Plus' Quebec's hottest hip-hop sensations heads to SCP. Don't miss this one a kind performance LIVE on the Rocawear Stage!!

Bikini Contest
The legendary Bikini Contest makes it's mark once again this year! The sexiest girls Montreal has to offer strut their stuff on the stage.

Studio A Dance
Studio A dance school presents 4 of their best crews to perform a memorable dance performance. For a sneak preview, check out www.studioa.ca

8 Count Dance
These dance group rocks the stage with a talent that'll rock the crowd. 8 Count "Raises the Bar." A must see performance!

A Montreal favorite! Check MoShine as he hits the Rocawear Stage with his sick hip-hop hit "Strictly Ballin'" This lyrically talented rapper roll's deep in the Montreal Hip-Hop Community..

After catching a glimpse of his talent on Canadian Idol, DonSmoove is currently on a promotional tour and independently recording his first album with plans for it to be released in the fall.

Rich London
Rich London will perform his smash hit that pop's the charts on Much Music! "Gutterman", "Side to Side" and "Let's Chill." Peep his video on his website.

Baseline Studios
Poppin' is the new trend in today's hip-hop dance. For the first time ever, SCP brings these most unique dance troops to the "Big O"

Northern Lights
SCP features one of Montreal's hottest hip-hop group of all time. Be there as they perform their hit singles!

Turntable Showcase
12 Dj's battling it on 4 turntable live on the Rocawear Stage. From mixing beats, to creating their own. Check out the DMC Champion on the 1's n' 2's.

Dj ShowDown
LTD Motorsports brings Toronto's hottest Dj's to the Stadium! Dj Baby Yu, Dj Info, Mindbender, and Seraph will be spinning LIVE at the LTD Motorsports booth. Be there as they mix the hottest tracks inHip-Hop, House, Trance, and Drumb N' Bass.

Exhibitor Move-In:
Booth # 1100 to 1399 Thursday 09:00-10:00
Booth # 800 to 1099 Thursday 10:00-11:00
Booth # 500 to 799 Thursday 11:00-12:00
Booth # 100 to 499 Thursday 12:00-13:00

Please respect your scheduled move-in time. There will be absolutely NO FRIDAY MOVE-IN! Failure to move-In on Thursday will constitute the elimination of your booth without refund.

1. All passes can be picked up during Load-In time at the tech-in desk.
2. Staff may pick up passes individually as they arrive at Will Call.(You must provide a name list during Load-In or fax it to the SCP office prior to event 514-598-8601, attention: Claudine Dumont)

Material Handling

Please contact Décor Expert Expo for all material handling needs (i.e. Forklift) see below for contact. Material handling fees are not included in booth reservation prices.
Exhibitor Demo Vehicle Roll-In

Thursday 16:00-18:00
Vehicles in Exhibitor booths that are participating in the Show‘N’Shine must register and pay the registration fee in order to qualify for the Show’N’Shine Competition. Please note that all car displays must fit entirely inside the space allocated to your vehicle. As a general rule, one car will fit into a 10’x 20’ space.

Exhibitor Tear Down

Sunday 19:00-24:00
53 foot rigs (trailers) will be allowed onto the show floor for pick-up at 22:00. Everything must be out by Sunday night.

There will be no tear down of booths allowed prior to that time on Sunday. You must be out of the building by 24:00, unless otherwise posted by SCP.

Competitor Vehicle Roll-In

Thursday 18:00-22:00
All vehicles must be pre-registered and paid in full. Any unregistered vehicle will be refused entrance unless otherwise specified by the show organizers. There is absolutely no Friday roll-in whatsoever. Failure to appear on Thursday will constitute the elimination of your car from the show without refund. Registered competitor vehicles are entitled to two (2) weekend passes. (one for the owner/driver of the vehicle; one extra). Show organizers are not responsible for lost/misplaced/stolen passes.

Competitor/Exhibitor Vehicle Roll-Out

Sunday 19:00-24:00
There will be no Roll-Out allowed prior to that time on Sunday. You must be out of the building by 24:00, unless otherwise posted by SCP.

Exclusive Service Providers for SCP

Display Service and Material Handling
Decor Expert Expo
778 Place Trans-Canada
Longueuil, QC J4G 1P1
Tel. 450.646.2251/ Fax. 450.646.6342

Exclusive Service Providers for SCP

Display Service and Material Handling
Decor Expert Expo
778 Place Trans-Canada
Longueuil, QC J4G 1P1
Tel. 450.646.2251/ Fax. 450.646.6342

Electrical Service
Electro Performance
2711 boul. Industriel
Chambly, QC J3L 4W3
Tel. 450.447.4721 / Fax. 450.447.4722
Display Structure (trussing, lighting and sound)
7345 St-Hubert
Montreal, QC H2R 2N4
Tel. 514.948.4811 / Fax. 514.948.4885

Contact: Louis Campo
T: 514-251-3589

Phone lines and Internet
Bell Canada Special Event
T: 514-870-1870 F: 514-391-1322

Official Service Providers for SCP

Printing / Design
Zenden Communications Inc.
1011 Ontario East
Montreal, QC H2L 1P8
Tel: 514.525.7936 / Fax: 514.598.8601

Clothing and Apparel
RaceMode Media Inc.
263 Adelaide Street W. Suite 514
Toronto, ON, M5H 1Y3
Tel: 416.222.2111

Hotel Auberge Universel
5000, rue Sherbrooke E.
Montreal, QC H1V 1A1
Reservations: 1-800 567-0223 (mention SCP for discounted rate)
Tel. 514.253.3365 / Fax. 514.253.9958


On Site Shipping
Any packages (ie. palates, crates, displays) to be shipped to the venue must arrive only on Thursday, if arrived earlier it will be refused by the venue.

Name of Exhibiting Company-Booth#
Le Salon de 'Auto Sport Compact Performance
Olympic Stadium (Marathon Door)
4400 Sherbrooke E.
Montreal, Qc H1V 3N7

Advance Shipping
Name of Exhibiting Company and Booth#
Le Salon de 'Auto Sport Compact Performance
Décor Expert Expo (Marc Lefebvre)
Le Salon de l’Auto Sport Compact Performance
778, Place Trans-Canada
Longueuil, QC J4G 1P1
Tel: 450-646-2251 Fax: 450-646-6342

Fire Regulations

• It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the Olympic Stadium at anytime during set-up, showtime and tear down.

• All vehicles must have gas cap taped or locked.

• Battery cables must be disconnected at all time.

• Fuel level in gas tank must be less than 1/4 full.

• Due to fire regulations, no N.O.S. bottles (Nitrous Oxide) will be allowed in the show, unless otherwise posted by SCP.

• Cars are not to be started on any show day at any time, under any circumstances.

• Music must be played at a level not to interrupt the business of surrounding exhibitors or vehicles.

P.S.: Failure to comply with these rules will result in your disqualification without reimbursement and the removal of your vehicle from the show floor at your own cost. Sport Compact Performance (SCP) will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur to your car.


There is overnight security in the venue. Sport Compact Performance (SCP) and the Olympic Stadium will not be held responsible for any damage or loss that may occur to your car.

Event Schedule:

10:00-16:00 Exhibitor move-in
10:00-18:00 Electrical and decoration desk open
16:00-18:00 Exhibitor show car move-in
18-00-22:00 Competitor show car move-in

Friday P.S. Passes are obligatory on this day
09:00-12:00 Finalize set-up
10:00-16:00 Electrical and decoration desk open
10:00-12:00 Fire department inspection
12:00-14:00 Media/Press
14:00-23:00 Show opens to the public

Saturday P.S. Passes are obligatory on this day
09:00-23:00 Exhibitor and competitor allow in
10:00-23:00 Show opens to the public

Sunday P.S. Passes are obligatory on this day
09:00-18:00 Exhibitor and competitor allow in
10:00-18:00 Show opens to the public
17:00-18:00 Trophy presentation on the RocaWear stage
19:00-24:00 Take down

Fire and Safety:

• Cartons, boxes and crates may not be stored under tables, behind displays or in any part of the exhibit area.

• Packing materials such as excelsior, shredded paper and the like, must be returned to the empty cartons immediately. Accumulation of these materials is prohibited.

• Aisles should be kept clear and uncluttered as possible during set up and dismantle hours. During show hours, aisles must be kept clear at all times.

• No hazardous display of any nature will be permitted in any exhibition or display area without written permission of the Winnipeg Fire Department. The above includes straw, sawdust, wood shavings, open flames, hot coals, L.P.G. lighters, charcoal grills, flammable liquids, L.P.G. cylinders, toxic liquid or gases, hazardous chemicals, etc., or any hazardous liquid, solid or gas of a similar nature.

• Fire exits and fire hose cabinets must be kept clear at all times.

• When cars are being brought in for an exhibit or displayed in any form, a maximum of three (4) gallons or one quarter (1/4) of a tank of motor fuel will be allowed in each vehicle. All fuel tanks must be properly sealed with approved type tape i.e. masking, cloth, or locked gas cap. All vehicles must have a drop sheet or oil pan in place under vehicle. Wheel pads must be placed under vehicle wheels.

• All batteries of motor vehicles must be disconnected.

• Helium used for balloons and balloon decorations are restricted within the Centre. Any exhibitors using balloons for booth décor must ensure that all balloons are secured and upon the completion of the show, must deflate all balloons in order to ensure no balloons are released

• All fire hose floor ports and fire exits MUST remain unobstructed at all times.





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