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Napierville Dragway: Car Fever
This year, Carfever will take place on Sunday, June 18th 2006 (In event of rain, the alternate date is set for Sunday, June 25th 2006) at Napierville Dragway
(Exit 21, Highway 15 south). This event is open to all amateurs and professionals of sport compact.

What's new this year is that we are opening a sport motorcycle and chopper category. Come compete in the quarter mile race, and show'n'shine competition.
Don't have a bike? No problem! Come witness our extreme stunt bike demonstration.

Car fanatics? We still offer drag racing competition, show'n'shine, audio SPL and dyno testing for sport compact cars, luxury cars and mini-trucks.At Carfever no one will ever get bored! We have many different stage shows that will guarantee to satisfy even the most difficult tastes. We have live DJs, hip hop shows, hot girls& Don't take our words for it, come and see for yourself.

Come and witness our Ms Carfever competition! This sexy and exotic show is sure to set you on fire! Don't forget to bring your camera!

This is the biggest outdoor show of its kind in Canada. This one day event promises 800 modified cars and bikes and over 10 000 are expected to attend!
Buy your tickets and register you car now!
Don't miss this once a year exclusive event!

K Productions is a team of young professionals who are dynamic and ambitious. We are open to new ideas and are not afraid to take on new challenges.

With already six years of experience, K Productions has known incredible success in the domain of sport compact cars event. This is in part due to our knowledgeable and competent team. This has permitted K Productions to be renown all over North America .

Carfever is an outdoor modified car exposition event that started in 1999. Now it is the biggest outdoor show in its kind in Quebec . With over 800 cars and motorcycles and 10000 spectators, Carfever is only going to get bigger.

And with your support, we will continue evolving and remaining the number one outdoor show in Canada.

*Once again we would like to thank all our sponsors for their continuous support of the event.
*Every year more than 50 commercial and sponsored booths are present at Carfever. This regrouping of booths creates an accessible one stop shop for all automobile fans. Don't miss this ideal opportunity
to show off your wares and know-how.

*New sponsors are always welcomed. Please contact us as soon as possible!

This year, we will join ourselves to other events taking place in Quebec and in Ontario to create the Carfever Circuit Tour 2006.

The Carfever Circuit Tour will be an ideal opportunity for your company to extend its name in the major regions of Quebec and Ontario .

Come, meet and have fun with Team Carfever during the 2006 season.

Every year at Carfever, we showcase the hottest and most sizzling girls at our event. You'll definitely not be disappointed. But are you / your girlfriend / female friend / sister interested in becoming a part of Carfever? Fill up the inscription form to enter the Ms. Carfever contest! You'll have fun and there are many prizes to be won!

* This year K Productions is equipped for the first time with a promotional trailer. This trailer of (x dimension) is sure not to pass unnoticed. This trailer will not only serve to transport equipment and promotional products during the Carfever Circuit Tour 2006, but it will also serve as moving billboards. Do not pass out this chance to express yourselves.

* We are always on the lookout for new dynamic and ambitious members, if you think you have what it takes, don't hesitate to contact us.

Show and Shine
Audio SPL
Drag racing

Each competition inscription are of $40.00 at the door and this includes one pass for the driver. But we also have pre-inscriptions available. For the first 100 inscriptions (before May 31st, the price is $33.00 CND
We also offer pre-sale group pricing for groups of 6 cars and more. The price is of $28.00 CND, and it includes a pass for the driver.

Clicquer pour TÚlÚcharger
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English Form

Ticket price:
$15.00 CDN
(at the door)
$10.00 CDN
(first 1000 tickets
before May 31st)

$13.00 CDN
(after first 1000)

Children under 12:
$10.00 CDN
(proof of age required)

Children under 6: FREE

1- To guarantee entry into Carfever, and to avoid disappointments and lineups, pre-purchased tickets are recommended.

2-Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.


Move in >> 11 am
Move out >> 09 pm

Move in >> 07 am
Move out >> 09 pm

Move in >> 09 am
Move out >> 09 pm

CP 1118 SUCC. H,
Montreal , Quebec
H3G 2N1




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