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MR title:
VIDEO—Ice Lapping with racing studs on the Saint-Laurence River in Pincourt
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PCMTL presents another bag-o-fun POV (point of view) multi-cam action. This an old-school clean and simple vid, just bunch of MR fellas just having outdoor fun.
Youtube title:
PCMTL 2010-01-16 Subaru Ice Racing Studs Lapping Rally Impreza
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http://www.PCMTL.com 2010-01-16 Stock Subaru's Ice Lapping in Pincourt Montreal Quebec on the Saint Lawrence River a 1.5km track. Winter Rally Ice Racing Lapping Subaru Impreza TS WRX Sti Studded Tires Wheels Spiked Nails Spikes Mud Flaps. Twitch hosts this episode of "Subaru Ice Racing". Features Canadam, M85Iroc-Z.
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SCP Salon Auto Montreal Car Show Street Racing Drifting Rally Import Tuning Subaru Impreza Ice Racing