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Autodrome St-Eustache: DriftMania
Autodrome St-Eustache: DriftMania


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Video: Driftmania DMCC 2007 Round5
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Autodrome St.-Eustache - Montréal
1016, boul. Arthur-Sauvé
St-Eustache, Qc
J7R 4K3
Téléphone: (450) 472-6222
(514) 591-4388
De Montreal:
Autoroute 15 Nord
Sortie 21 (St Eustache) pour l'autoroute 640 Ouest
Sortie 11 (Boul. Arthur Sauvé) Nord
La piste est à 5km de l'autoroute 640 à votre gauche

Autodrome St-Eustache Track
10h am – 5h pm

Cost: 15$ per spectator
Direction: Highway 13 north then 640 ouest towards St-Eustache.
Exit 11 for 148 north for 5 km.

RACE DAY SCHEDULE (subject to change):
10:30 – Practice starts
12:30 – End of practice
13:15 – National Anthem
13:30 – Qualification starts
15:00 – Top 16
16:15 – Top 8
16:45 – Final 4
17:30 - Trophies and podium ceremony

Drift Mania Inc. organizes and promotes Canada’s top level drifting competitions and drifting demonstrations.

Combining speed, smoke, style and adrenaline, drifting is an extreme sport that requires an exceptional driver with immense talent and nerves of steel.

Drift Mania Inc. officially took over the drifting scene in Canada on October 23, 2004. After holding a number of drifting clinics and starting the process of educating the Canadian public on drifting, the Castrol Drift Mania Canadian Championship Series (Castrol DMCC) was born.

In 2005 Drift Mania held Canada’s first multiple round drifting championship series where 4 rounds of competition where held across the province of Quebec. The 5 top Drift Mania drivers performed demonstrations at the Molson Indy Montreal.

In 2006, the Castrol DMCC was Canada’s first and only drifting championship series. Events helded in 3 different cities: Montreal, Québec and Toronto. The 8 top Drift Mania drivers performed demonstrations at the Molson Grand Prix of Toronto.

Mission. Drift Mania’s mission is to promote drifting to people who are passionate about racing, extreme sports and modified cars, but also to a larger demographic. In the safest of environments, Drift Mania aims to provide the fans with an amazing experience showcasing the best drifters in country fighting for the title of Castrol DMCC Champion.

Education. Not only does Drift Mania hold the country’s best drifting competition, but it is also heavily involved in properly educating drivers and spectators on all the aspects of the motor sport of drifting. Driftek is an official Drift Mania sanctioned practice and test event that gives the local drift community a chance to get out on the track and let loose in a safe, controlled environment.

Castrol Drift Mania Canadian Championship.
Founded by the Drift Mania Organization, the Castrol DMCC is the first Canadian drift Series in the country. Events will be held in 3 cities across the country: St-Eustache, Québec and Toronto. Showcasing Drifters from the West coast, Ontario, Québec, USA and Japan.

Definition. In the simplest of terms, drifting consists of a high-speed slide carried through consecutive turns on a racetrack. Combining speed, smoke, style and adrenaline, the extreme sport of drifting demands one thing above all, exceptional piloting skill!

Spectacular. Combining speed, smoke, style and adrenaline, drifting is an extreme sport that requires an exceptional driver with immense talent and nerves of steel.

Origin. Approximately 15 years ago, a group of talented young drivers practiced drifting on the mountain roads of Japan, the birthplace of drifting. Over time, they took their talents to racetracks and organized serious drifting events all over Japan.

The sport quickly gained popularity outside of Asia with events popping up in Europe and Australia, while here in North America, the sport has finally caught on and is on the rise.

Success. The popularity of the sport is experiencing growth like no other sport in the world. The media have taken a greater interest, spectators are lining up to watch events worldwide and more organizations and drivers are being brought into the world of drifting on a daily basis.

Judging criteria. Drivers are judged on 3 basic elements: entry and exit speed of each turn, the angle at which the car negotiates the turn, and the driver’s techniques (adherence to the racing line, weight transfer, etc) The competition is comprised of double-car runs, or tandem runs, that eliminate one driver at a time until there is but one victorious driver remaining.

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SHOW & SHINE presented by TOYO



Registration fees: St-Eustache
and Quebec 45$. 85$ for Toronto.

1 complimentary ticket with every entry!

Registration on event day
between 8 am and 10 am.

You have a business that wants visibility and incredible exposure in the motorsport industry, we have great commercial exhibit space at all our events!


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Autodrome St-Eustache: DriftMania

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