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Montreal: Bullrun USA 2007


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The Best of Bullrun USA Rally
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The official start is at Place Jacques Cartier in the old town at 9am Saturday 12th May - thousands of spectators are expected.

Bullrun is a legendary cross country rally running across the USA. Each year, one hundred of the world's premier super-cars embark on an epic eight day rolling party / media tour across North America, bringing together a celebrity strewn cast of characters and drivers from around the world for an unforgettable adventure of driving and parties.

Past and present celebrity and professional drivers have included Paris Hilton, Mario Andretti, Hayden Christensen, Tommy Kendall, Carl Lewis, Helena Christensen, Dennis Rodman, Stefan Johansson and Ryan Dunn. This year, Montreal native and Champ Car driver Alex Tagliani leads the drivers off in Montreal.

Teams include celebrities and automotive firms including Lotus, Shelby, CEC Wheels, Audi, West Coast Customs. Shelby unveil the new GT500 KR on the event and Audi unveil the new R8!

Fuelled by an impressive schedule of public and private events at the finest venues and hotels in the most exciting cities, 'Bullrunners' make their way from one checkpoint to the next, learning their destinations daily and rocking to a close each night in the party capitals of North America.

Since its' beginnings Bullrun has become an internationally televised event airing in 52 countries across the globe. A multi-million dollar reality TV version of the rally has now been made by MTV produced by the Bullrun franchise owners Andy Duncan and David Green. Every event brings together the very best automotive and lifestyle press, web, TV and radio coverage as varied as ESPN and MTV to Pizza to FHM Magazine and Road and Track.

In July 2006, the city of New York hosted the 4th annual start in Times Square, where 10 thousand spectators watched the participants and their cars launch a 4,000 mile journey cross-country to the finish line in Los Angeles.

Rally founder and executive producer Andy Duncan is a long time fan of Montreal and is also the owner / CEO of CFT Financials in Montreal, the hottest new financial trading business in Canada. CFT is famous for their unorthodox millionaire 20-something traders that have hit the Quebec finance industry. Andy has long admired the youth and vibrancy of the city and has been planning bringing the event to Montreal for two years.

This years' rally will be held on May 11th ~18th and runs from Montreal, Quebec to the Key West in Florida. Driver registration is at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, during the 11th May and the official launch party is at Time that evening. The official start is in Montreal old town 9am Saturday 12th May - thousands spectators are expected.

This year's charity partner is again the Make-A-Wish Foundation UK and the aim will be to beat the $90,000 raised on the last tour.




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