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Autodrome St-Eustache: DriftMania


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Autodrome St-Eustache: DriftMania
Autodrome St.-Eustache - Montréal
1016, boul. Arthur-Sauvé
St-Eustache, Qc
J7R 4K3
Téléphone: (450) 472-6222
(514) 591-4388
De Montreal:
Autoroute 15 Nord
Sortie 21 (St Eustache) pour l'autoroute 640 Ouest
Sortie 11 (Boul. Arthur Sauvé) Nord
La piste est à 5km de l'autoroute 640 à votre gauche

Mark September 16th on your calendar for the Castrol Drift Mania Drifting Games at the Autodrome St Eustache.

There will be 2 teams competing against each other in a series of drifting excercises that will challenge and test each drivers skills, patience and car control.

The full Rules and Information page can be downloaded here.

The schedule is as follows:

10:00 – Super Motard Practice

10:30 – Drift Practice

12:00 – Media Rides

12:15 – 45 Minute Break

1:00 – Driver presentation and National Anthem

1:10 – Drifting Games Begin: Figure, 8 Bull’s Eye and Obstacle Course

2:20 – 30 Minute Break

2:50 - Supers Motard Demos

3:05 - Yokohama Drift Experience draw

3:10 – Drifting Games continue: Hi Speed Drift, Copy Cat, 3-car drifting

4:25 –Yokohama Drift Experience winners on-track

4:40 – Drifting Games continue: Elite Drifting and the Team Racing round

5:30 –Marco Santos & Haig Kanadjian demo run

5:50 – Trophy ceremony

The 2006 drifting season has been a blend of rapid growth and anxiety. From what started as a grassroots weekend driving activity, has now developed into a nationwide craze. So much in fact, that a previously unplanned event will be taking place this Saturday, September 16th once again at the Autodrome St-Eustache.

Availability issues and unfit venues plagued the execution of the originally scheduled Vancouver event, forcing an unplanned cancellation. Slated as an exhibition-type competition, the West Coast leg of the Castrol DMCC was to be the first competitive tandem battle event in the region.

It is unfortunate that we will not have the chance to expose Western Canadians to competitive professional drifting this year. But it will be a priority for us to develop an event in the west for next season. stated Alex Crepault, General Director, Castrol DMCC. However, we are extremely excited about the unprecedented special event set for Montreal. The demand was simply too overwhelming to ignore.

Dubbed the Drifter Challenge , this special event will be a showcase of driver skills, teamwork and extreme drifting. 16 of the series best drivers are expected to participate in this contest of speed and angle. Two teams of eight will square off head to head in over 8 different challenges. These would include tests such as high speed drifting, obstacle courses and 3 car triple tandem drifting. Spectators will be treated to a motorsport showcase like never before. As a bonus presentation, a demonstration of stunt bikes and motorcycle drifting has been added to the itinerary.

Although the championship drifting season is already over, an event such as this is a prime example of what makes the sport of drifting so unique and exciting. Drifting is as much a motorsport as it is entertainment. It makes one wonder if oval track drivers drive around in circles just for the fun of it? Probably not.

Vincent Noël
Marketing Director
Castrol DMCC
Tel: 514-824-7191


Autodrome St-Eustache: DriftMania


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