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2005-03-13 The St.Patrick's Parade


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The St.Patrick's Parade
It is estimated that approximately 40% of Quebecers can claim Irish heritage and with the turnout at the parade, visitors to Montreal may well think that the whole town has gone mad with Celtic fever!

Now in its 181th edition, the parade is the oldest and longest running Saint Patrick's Day Parade in North America, even rivaling the parade held in Dublin, Ireland. The first Saint Patrick's Day Parade ever held in Montreal took place in 1824 to the delight of the city's thriving Irish community. One hundred and eighty-one years later, the parade is still going strong, attracting thousands of elated onlookers dressed up in green for the occasion. A few things have changed since then, with the Queen of the Parade presiding over the event in the very last float, in a tradition that began in 1956.

Organized by the United Irish Societies of Montreal and led by the Grand Marshall, the parade runs along Ste Catherine Street from du Fort to Jeanne Mance where the reviewing stand is placed. With dozens of floats carrying flag-waving patriots and Irish dancers among other things, Montreal's St Patrick's Day Parade is a guaranteed afternoon o'fun for the whole family!

Correspondent Civicchick hosts this special episode of "The St.Patrick's Parade".


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The St.Patrick's Parade

2005-03-13 The St.Patrick's Parade


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