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Orange Julep "Just Julep"
The Gibeau Orange Julep has been a magnet to television, journalists, photographers, and failed media startups. They all thought the same—hot cars, hot guys, hot girls. But, why did the Marché-Centrale 2002 meets explode so fast when it did? Why did Lafleurs 2003 happen? Has the Julep become a cage the police can contain? This story illustrates why many have stopped going to the Julep, for good. Only PCMTL delivers the real truth of the infamous and over-glorified Julep that many fail to admit. Never seen before, be prepared for this insulting yet provocative story, with a point of view that shatters the illusion that is constantly re-built by media. Correspondent Larissa hosts this week's episode of "Just Julep".

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Cliquez ici pour plus d'images:
Video: Just Julep
Crescent CART 2004

Crescent CART 2004


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