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Grand Prix Air Canada
Michael Schumacher won the Canadian Grand Prix, in Montreal, taking his 68th career win and sixth win at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, in a battle with his brother Ralf, who finished second, and Juan Pablo Montoya in third.

Of course we all know the race results already, but you know very well that pcmtl-tv shows you what traditional journalism would NEVER. Correspondent Twitch hosts this special episode of "GPF1 Part1".

Twitch at Bend#5
gpf1 Girls
Joanie - gpf1
Emily - gpf1
Emily & Nessa - Molson Dry
Jennica, Martha, Pascale, Eve - Telus
Emily & Laura - BMW Williams
Jess & Edith - Newtown (Jacques Villeneuve's crib)
Anna - Base Boisson Énergie

Good Time - Music Video
Ferrari 360 Challenge
Danny & Emily - Lives for Ferrari
Twitch gives a flower to a cop