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Cruel School Summer
This week was about all things small, Minis and Swifts. It looks like it's getting tougher to get out on a school night, as numers at the Julep Thursday decrease more and more as the weeks roll closer to autumn. But Julep Thursday still gives a treat, and people were still eating outside on the picnic tables. Also, cars were shy to display in front of the Julep, the side and rear lots were more popular and crowded.

Orange Julep Montreal, is located on the Decarie/15, near exit Jean-Talon. Julep Thursdays start usually after 8:30p, and end off at 11:00p. Moderate rain will cancel the event.

LaFleurs West Island, is located on desSources South, off the Metropolitan 40 West. Thursday LaFleurs is supposed to start 9:30p. People tend to stay late, well into midnite. Moderate rain will cancel the event.