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Julep Thursday Brings Them All
Back to school and a near end-of-summer didn't stop all sorts of people coming to Julep for a good time. A few Mits from New Jersey, a Safari low-rider from Nova Scotia, and a number of visitors from Ontario--more proof that Montreal does attract tourists. Mods and sound systems that people were working on all summer, and finally got something to display. Julep Thursday always has room for the newcomers, both exhibitor and visitor. For some reason, there weren't as many Julep regulars there, leaving no visitor turned away from the Julep lot.

Orange Julep Montreal, is located on the Decarie/15, near exit Jean-Talon. Julep Thursdays start usually after 8:30p, and end off at 11:00p. Moderate rain will cancel the event.

LaFleurs West Island, is located on desSources South, off the Metropolitan 40 West. Thursday LaFleurs is supposed to start 9:30p. People tend to stay late, well into midnite. Moderate rain will cancel the event.

Males in photos: 81
Females in photos: 34
Infants in photos: 0
Dogs in photos: 1
Dialogue in photos: All is welcome, enjoy your stay.