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Neons glow up the chilly night
With a rainout last week, people were more than eager to show up this Julep Thursday. As the last Thursday in August, summer is near over and people are getting a little chilly with long sleeves, sweaters, and long pants. Cars heated up the night with the usual sound vibes and neon glows! Some high class stuff included the Carrera Porsche, AMG Benz and a Z06 Corvette. There was a new truck with jumpin' jacks installed on them that gave a good show for many. The summer is definitely not over yet!

Orange Julep Montreal, is located on the Decarie/15, near exit Jean-Talon. Julep Thursdays start usually after 8:30p, and end off at 11:00p. Moderate rain will cancel the event.

LaFleurs West Island, is located on desSources South, off the Metropolitan 40 West. Thursday LaFleurs is supposed to start 9:30p. People tend to stay late, well into midnite. Moderate rain will cancel the event.

Males in photos: 39
Females in photos: 27
Infants in photos: 0
Dogs in photos: 2
Dialogue in photos: Neon Madness!