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Julep Thursdays, Jumpin' Thumpin'
Julep was off to a slow start as an early rainfall came down, so by 9pm, the Julep lot was still 20% vacant. Many of the Julep Thursday regulars didn't show up, so that made the lots available to the people that would have usually been turned away by the bouncers. Everything that night was about sound. Count them db's. Loud and Sound attracts people and wannabees just to hang around. Wanna show off your sound? The best was in the back of the Julep, it's quieter with less noise from the crappy music you hear from the Julep loudspeakers. Thou Julep was moderately busy, I think by about 10:00pm, people were leaving, some heading to the LaFleurs desSources.

Orange Julep Montreal, is located on the Decarie/15, near exit Jean-Talon. Julep Thursdays start usually after 8:30p, and end off at 11:00p. Moderate rain will cancel the event.

LaFleurs West Island, is located on desSources South, off the Metropolitan 40 West. Thursday LaFleurs is supposed to start 9:30p. People tend to stay late, well into midnite. Moderate rain will cancel the event.

Males in photos: 79
Females in photos: 75
Infants in photos: 2
Dogs in photos: 0
Dialogue in photos: Crowd likes Loud.


Sunny Nappy NHRA Wallys
Come see the best of the Napierville Dragway NHRA Wallys, on August 11, 2002. The best pics have been chosen that best illustrate what happened during the whole event <more>