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Julep Wednesdays
I didn't get there to terribly late, but as soon as 9:00pm came around (that's after they give away all the prizes to the cars), lots of cars just disappeared fast. I guess car owners were little bit freaked by the possible chance of rain, since weather.com did say it was supposed to rain that Wedneday night. Then later on around 10:00p, some Thursday regulars showed up, just to eat hang and chill. Some people just like the Julep, no matter what night it is.

Orange Julep Montreal, is located on the Decarie/15, near exit Jean-Talon. Julep Wednesdays start usually around 7:00p, and end off at 9:30p. Wet roads will cancel the event.

Males in photos: 50
Females in photos: 27
Babies in photos: 0
Dogs in photos: 1
Dialogue in photos: Vintage Cars.


Sunny Nappy NHRA Wallys
Come see the best of the Napierville Dragway NHRA Wallys, on August 11, 2002. The best pics have been chosen that best illustrate what happened during the whole event <more>