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LeSkratch Tuesdays
Do you love American Muscle? Have a rear-wheel drive car? Come join the crowd at the Le Skratch West Island. About 50 cars gathered that night. Some are recognized from Juleps Wednesday and SuperC Harveys. Don't let the lesser count of cars make you think there is little to see. Old Hot Rods and G-Body Drags with roll cages hit hardcore. I saw a Roadrunner driving a Roadrunner, yes really! If you live on the West Island, you're lucky you don't have to travel far to enjoy this awesome meet. Now there are three nights a week to enjoy American Muscle in Montreal!

LeSkratch West Island is is located on desSources Nouth, off the Metropolitan 40 West. Tuesday musclecar meets are locally organized, and are not illegal, so fear not! Visitors will want to come around 7:00p, the crowd usually disperses around 10:00p.


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Sanair Stylin' out
Come see the best of the RMR Motorsport's Stylelab Compact Car Show, Summer Nationals Drag Competition, which was at the Sanair Dragway St.Pie on July 28, 2002. The best pics have been chosen that best illustrate what happened during the whole event <more>.