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"The Scene" does not kill, and cops know that.

Toronto metro cops are on an all out war with car owners. Mods as simple as a cosmetic exhaust tip will get you a ticket. MTO (Ministry of Transportation Ontario) are forcing owners to open hoods to inspect for engine mods. Why does this concern Montreal? Because it is the next biggest city in the lineup.

The following was posted on a TorontoStreetracing.com thread.

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(6/15/02 8:13:37 pm)
"The Scene" does not kill, and cops know that.
It has come to my attention that it doesn't matter who has legal what, or what car modifying really promotes, etc., the cops know in reality that ppl don't get "killed" in streetracing (compared to other daily crimes), they just don't care. Cops chasing after other cars have been stereotyped since cars were invented, if I were a cop, i'll feel hell of a lot better bragging to my fellow cop friends how many TypeR's i pulled over that week, instead of fighting real crime like wife beatings and stuff. Cops are in a mode, and they are fuelling off honest drivers, and they don't care. You can gather 101 true reasons why "the scene" is harmless compared to other real crimes, and cops won't give a hoot. A normal fender bender happens between two 18 yr olds driving Civics? Damn right--flag that as illegal streetracing. They will mask their rampage with the "streetracing kills" excuse to justify their motifs, but in the end they don't give a rats ass and take great joy in busting honest owners. If you have any cops for friends, they won't deny, at least, this is the case for Montreal cops.

Just Wednesday in Montreal, 400 tickets were written out to a 100 car illegal gathering, tickets were given to PASSENGERS as well for "unlawful congregation" violation (loitering).

(Anyone else interested in the Montreal scene can browse pics at www.pcmtl.com )